healthy heart
even in my forties!

the reason fortune rice bran health

it’s 100% rice bran oil, rich in gamma oryzanol. that reduces bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol

this world heart day, say yes to 40s and gift your heart an oil that’s healthier than health oils

Watch Dada welcome you to the forties!


begin a 
                    heart-healthy journey, 
                    this world heart day

after 40, keeping your heart healthy is a must! but how?

say goodbye to harmful LDL cholesterols, and welcome the good HDL cholesterols which eliminates the bad ones. just by changing your cooking oil!


goodness of
Fortune Rice Bran Health


Gamma Oryzanol: Improves HDL/LDL ratio. Healthier heart.


Cholesterol Lowering Oil: Heart friendly.


Squalene: Helps in providing younger skin.


Natural Antioxidants: Helps in boosting immunity.


High Smoke Point: Suitable for frying.

welcome your flavourful 40s
in these sizes


*Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil recommends restricting consumption of oils & fats to 20 g per adult per day as prescribed by ICMR – NIN, along with ample physical activities & a healthy lifestyle. The word “Health” in “Fortune Rice Bran Health”, is part of our registered trademark/brand name and does not represent its true nature.

**FRBH contains 10000 ppm Gamma Oryzanol which provides 300 mg Gamma Oryzanol per day considering India’s average per capita oil consumption of 30 g per day.

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